Protein Iced Coffee that’s Better than Starbucks!

Starting my day as I always do – with an iced coffee that contains 32 g protein (a mix of whey, casein and collagen). I put some ice in my shaker cup, pour in 10 oz freshly brewed coffee, add a scoop of BSN Syntha-6 Chocolate Cake Batter (or any flavor you want, any brand you like) and a scoop of Primal Kitchen Grass-fed Collagen Peptides, shake, and top it off with more ice. So much better than Starbucks!!!

I use a combination of whey and casein proteins to get the branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) I need to feed my muscles over the course of several hours. The collagen doesn’t help build or maintain muscle, but it is essential for healthy hair, skin, nails, joints, etc. We need more of both types of proteins as we get older, so I start the day supplementing both. I’ve never been a breakfast eater but love a big iced mocha in the morning, so this is a great way to start each and every day.

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