Custom Hypnotherapy Audio File

Custom Hypnotherapy Audio File


Suggestion therapy and guided imagery just for you.



Use hypnotherapy in your own home at your own time to reprogram your subconscious mind to work with you toward your specific goal, no willpower required. Custom recordings are more effective than generic recordings because they are tailored to the activities, words, phrases, emotions, images, etc., that resonate best with you. They are particularly well suited to help you:

  • change or form a habit
  • prepare for a medical procedure
  • recover more quickly from a medical procedure with fewer complications
  • childbirth
  • recover from chronic or acute illness
  • reverse limiting beliefs regarding emotional or physical issues

Amy’s custom recordings utilize suggestion therapy and guided imagery to mobilize your body’s natural resources for healing and reprogramming. Her words help you focus on what you want to change, overwriting old, obsolete brain programming and focusing your attention on what you want. You will see effortless, transformational changes that do not require willpower.

Unlike many other hypnosis recordings, Amy’s scripts do not include any negative, or aversive, programming. The subconscious mind does not always hear the word “not”, and when it does it finds a way around it. Negative suggestions do not work well and can often cause increased stress, which is counterproductive for healing. Amy’s recordings also do not include sounds or music, so there is no potential for negative reactions to sounds and your attention is focused on the words and making the changes you want to make.

After you make your purchase, I’ll get in touch to set an appointment for an interview. We’ll discuss your goals and all of the specifics of process, timing, etc., so that the script perfectly mirrors what you want to change and how you want to change it. You will have the final say on the wording of the script, and I will record it for you to download.

For best results, listen to your hypnotherapy recording at least once daily for at least several weeks, until it feels “flat”, then taper off and use only as needed.


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