Your Complete Guide to Self-Hypnosis

Your Complete Guide to Self-Hypnosis


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Anyone can use self-hypnosis either alone or as an adjunct to sessions with a hypnotherapist to accelerate results. Self-hypnosis is a formal mindfulness practice, much like meditation, but can be easier for some people who have a difficult time concentrating on one thing for a significant amount of time. Unlike meditation, in hypnosis you let your mind wander, which gives you information about yourself that you may not be able to access consciously.

In this hypnotic state you are more relaxed, which allows you to think more clearly and move from emotional thought into problem solving mode. This is also when suggestions (affirmations) and mental imagery are most effective, and when you can make transformational changes that enable you to reduce or eliminate your dependence on willpower to make life changes easier.

This online course goes beyond other self-hypnosis courses to give you the most complete and helpful direction possible so that you get the most out of your practice. Amy’s videos explain how to focus your attention, different ways to relax, the most effective way to use affirmations and visual imagery, and even a quick and easy way to release negative feelings. Tips and tricks in each part of the process allow you to customize your practice and make it easier for you. Incorporating these techniques into your daily routine may reduce stress (and reverse the damage it’s already done) little-by-little for as long as you maintain the practice.


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