Create Yourself: The Secrets to a More Powerful You


Class Description

Your life is your canvas. How are you filling it? Would you like to change the picture a bit? Perhaps add some more color or texture? Do you feel excited and engaged when you look at it?

Learn how to listen to the real you to release brain programming that creates stress for your daily life. You’ll experience a quick and easy exercise to free your mind and engage your natural healing powers. Get your body out of stressful protective mode and into relaxing repair and growth mode. You’ll feel the benefits immediately!

You’ll also learn how to deliver effective suggestions directly to your subconscious mind to quickly change feelings and habits, as well as what to focus on during the day to keep yourself in problem-solving mode, thinking clearly and creatively. Slow down to buy yourself extra time each day for the things and people you love.

Live more mindfully and effortlessly pay attention to all of the little things that we tend to overlook but that make us truly happy. See patterns in your thoughts that give you information about what you might want to do more of in your life and what you might want to change.

Keep moving forward and creating the life you really want!