A-ha! The 4 Steps to Greater Innovation & Productivity



Do you feel that you could think more clearly or creatively to come up with innovative developments for your business? Does it feel like the different parts of your brain don’t always work together as seamlessly as they could? Does it feel like you’re fighting yourself sometimes? Would you like your team to be more cohesive, come up with better ideas and get more enjoyment out of their work?

This workshop will put it all into perspective for you and teach you how to outsmart your brain to work as a well-oiled machine. Boost your creative thinking and problem solving and that of your team. Dramatically increase your productivity while getting more enjoyment and fulfillment from your work and more time for the things you love.

What attendees will take away from this program:

•Quickly and easily release negative feelings and limiting beliefs so you can focus appropriately and get more work done.

•Understand the creative process and how to make it more efficient.

•Get in touch with your creative mind.

•Boost creativity by getting your conscious mind off of a problem and letting your subconscious mind tackle it.

•Find out what creativity killers you may be implementing without knowing it and what you can do to turn them around.