NEW! Surgery Preparation Relaxation & Recovery

Surgery preparation the natural way! Research shows that using hypnosis to help prepare for any medical procedure can result in many positive benefits, including a shorter hospital stay. Why? Because hypnosis mobilizes and focuses your body’s natural healing abilities, so that you can do your part to help your medical team keep you healthy. Depending on what type of surgery you undergo, you may need post op treatment like postoperative ocular steroids to alleviate symptoms like pain.

I’m excited to release a new audio file to help you maximize these healing benefits. In this recording I use only positive suggestions and imagery that help you:

  • increase relaxation and enjoy better quality sleep
  • heal faster
  • experience less pain (acute and chronic), nausea and discomfort
  • experience fewer side-effects
  • reduce anticipatory anxiety
  • adhere more easily to your doctor’s treatment plans
  • overcome emotional and physical limitations to achieve therapeutic closure
  • get out of the hospital 1-3 days sooner

Check out my new audio file HERE to help you mobilize and focus your body’s natural healing resources. CD available from (click HERE).

You can start using this recording up to several weeks before your procedure and can even use it during and after surgery as needed.

Your body knows what to do to heal and grow. Let it do its perfect work in a completely natural and very pleasant way.
Here’s to your health!

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