Mindful Thought and Activity Cards

I’m so excited! I’ve been wanting to produce a deck of mindfulness cards for awhile now, and they’re finally here!

This card deck is a fun and easy way to have mindful reminders with you wherever you go. The front of each card contains original artwork and a word or phrase to focus on during the day. On the back is an affirmation to remind yourself to attend to the idea of the day, an exercise to help you experience it and an inspirational quote. Each day’s focus is to attend more and more automatically to something in our daily lives that makes us happier and more content with our lives, but which we tend to overlook. These little cards will help you slow down and enjoy more of what life has to offer.

These cards can be used alone or with my Create Yourself: One-Month Journal.

28 cards (2″ x 2″) in a beautiful organza bag. The perfect little gift or stocking stuffer. Get more info and order HERE!

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