Lose Weight Forever

An action plan to eat and live well, hack your hormones and reduce your risk of chronic illness

2018 was the year I began healing my body from all of the damage I did to it my whole life. The ironic thing is that I caused much of this damage by trying to be healthy.

I grew up in the ’70s and ’80s, awash in processed, chemical laden Frankenfood, low-fat diets and chronic cardio. I was in good shape…until I wasn’t. Then the dieting started. I eventually found myself injured, eating next to nothing and gaining body fat.

I was not okay, as my doctors had been telling me for years. As a scientist by training, I took it upon myself to evaluate the research in nutrition and related fields, discard the bad studies and understand what we really know about how our bodies work – and what keeps them from working optimally and promotes chronic illness.

I found out that I had subclinical hypothyroidism, metabolic syndrome and other hormonal imbalances. When I found the right nutrition plan, the right activity and the right health care provider, everything fell in line. I want to help you do the same in a LOT less time than it took me.

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