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A Year of Gratitude

365-Day Journal

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We’re grateful you’re here!

A gratitude journal can help you focus on the positives in your life, making you and those around you happier and increasing the odds of future successes. It’s one thing to know you’re grateful for something, but knowing why you’re grateful for it takes it to another level, deepening your understanding and appreciation. This simple book provides a year of quick, easy journaling to make living in gratitude effortless. Inspirational quotes provide prompts to see gratitude in new ways and in different aspects of your life every day. You never knew just how much you had in your life to be grateful for until now!

Easy and Powerful

   Short and Sweet

Just list three things you’re grateful for each day and why you’re grateful for them, taking very little time out of your day

   Deepen Your Sense of Gratitude

Understand why you’re grateful for each thing, increasing its importance

   Use the Daily Quotes to Expand Your Gratitude

These quotes don’t just inspire, they help you see gratitude in more and different areas of your life

   Spend More Time Living in Gratitude

Doing this exercise daily for an extended period of time makes you automatically pay more attention to things, people and events that make you feel grateful, leading to a happier life

Commit yourself to an entire year and amazing things will happen!

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About the Authors

Stevie Rabinowitz

Stevie holds a Master of Science in Organization Development from Pepperdine University and is a CTI Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. She has spent the past 12 years working with organizations, teams and individuals to help build leadership capabilities that increase productivity, enable positive results and accelerate employee effectiveness. Part of this work comes from providing a lens of mindfulness and gratitude in her practice, both personally and professionally.

Amy Rosner

Amy holds a PhD in Experimental Psychology and spent many years teaching college psychology classes and doing brain research, specializing in the neuroscience of visual attention and memory. She has earned certifications in Professional Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming and utilizes these techniques to help people release what doesn't serve them, focus on what does, and create new possibilities for success.

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