How many healthy lifestyle plans have you followed at this point? If you’re like most of us, quite a few! And yet, people are in worse shape now than ever. Take a breather from the calorie counting, macro tracking and workout schedule to focus on making some gradual changes as you feel like making them, all the while enjoying your life.

My philosophy is simple: work with your body, not against it. It’s amazing how often we get in our own way when trying to live healthier lives. Sometimes we need to outsmart our brains to do what’s best for us.

This is an ebook of hacks, simple things to do now, baby steps to help you feel better and better every day, both mentally and physically. The mind and body are two sides of the same coin, so what affects one also affects the other. Changing one changes the other, and those changes can and should be made in ways that are comfortable, with no feelings of deprivation or suffering.

No matter what your tastes, finances, willpower or lifestyle, there are easy things you can do to make big differences in your life down the road, decreasing stress, increasing enjoyment, and reducing your risk of a great many health issues.

Get out of a dieter’s mindset and into a mindset of longevity with this little guide, without having to wade through all of the background and explanation that’s already out there in other wonderful books. This is a quick reference with basic info for those who want to cut to the chase and know what changes to make now. Easy peasy!

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