Hypnosis for Bladder Control

Bladder control slipping?

Ditch the diapers and get control naturally

Many of us experience a lessening of control over our urination. The Mayo Clinic ( outlines several reasons why it’s important for you to let your doctor know if you notice this happening to you. Lack of bladder control can:
  • Indicate a serious underlying medical condition, such as diabetes or kidney problems
  • Cause you to restrict your physical activities
  • Lead you to withdraw from social interactions
  • Increase your risk of falling if you have balance problems and you often rush to the bathroom to avoid leaking urine
One thing your doctor may not tell you is that hypnosis has been shown in clinical trials by the National Institutes of Health and the University of New Mexico to be very effective at helping you get this control back.There are some great benefits to using hypnosis. It can help you reprogram your nervous system to control your pelvic and bladder muscles, improve your body’s early warning system to help you get to a bathroom with plenty of time to spare, let you relax your body and mind while still strengthening your muscles effortlessly and without thinking about it, keeps you feeling more calm and centered throughout each day and lets you sleep more easily and deeply each night. It is completely natural and does not rely on any external aids. It also gives you the added benefits of reducing stress and its harmful effects, increasing clear and creative thinking and living more mindfully for a lifetime of better health and wellness (when done daily).

I have used hypnosis successfully to help many clients regain control over their urination, and I am excited to announce that I have just released an audio file to help anyone anywhere do the same. It only takes 15 minutes and works for all ages. If you or anyone you know may be interested in learning more and getting started immediately, just click HERE.

Also available on CD at

4 Things to Look Out for in a Weight Loss Hypnosis Recording

Thinking about using a weight loss hypnosis recording? We all need a little help once in awhile to keep us on track doing what’s right for us. Creating and sticking to healthy habits can be easier than you might think, no matter what program or regimen you would like to follow. Hypnosis can be very effective for crushing cravings and making you want to eat healthy and exercise. The most effective approach is a series of one-on-one sessions and a custom recording for a completely customized program, building your strengths and changing your weaknesses, taking into account your schedule, preferences and health practitioner recommendations.

A generic recording can be very helpful, too, if you get a good one. Though there are many hypnosis recordings out there for getting healthy, many are problematic and may unintentionally create or increase unhealthy behaviors. I had the personal experience of using a recording that actually made me crave fast food for the first time in years! And it was recorded by one of the top names in hypnosis recordings. I’ve learned that there are several things that make a recording most effective for getting healthy.

1. All positive suggestions

Almost every recording I’ve ever heard contains negative suggestions, but I’ve seen over and over how our brains don’t always respond to negatives as we might like. In the example above, my fast food cravings were triggered by the suggestion, “You no longer want greasy, fattening food.” I liken negative hypnotic suggestions to talking to dogs. They don’t hear the negative. If you say, “Do you want to go play with doggies?” they get all excited. If you say, “Do you not want to go play with doggies?” they get just as excited. It can work the same way with our subconscious minds. We can get excited about something that does not serve us but can trigger cravings or bad behaviors.

2. Keeping it current

Think about the difference in feeling between telling yourself, “I’m going to live healthier,” versus, “I am living healthier.” You can really feel it, can’t you? I’m always amazed at how many recordings use future tense in their suggestions. Your brain hears the first suggestion above and thinks you’ll get to it tomorrow or start Monday or something similar. Your brain hears the second one and you immediately think of yourself as someone who takes care of themselves by living a healthy life, making mental and physical changes accordingly. Using only present tense, no future tense, enables the changes to start happening now.

3. No sound track

Sound tracks in recordings can be problematic. One person may be soothed by sounds of the ocean, while another may feel stressed by the same sounds. No sound track means you will not need to worry about how any accompanying sound track might affect you. Rather, you’ll just get relaxing, effective suggestions to program your subconscious mind for health, without distractions and without associating stress or negative feelings with healthy suggestions.

4. Guided imagery

Guided imagery is amazingly effective for changing behaviors and how you feel about those behaviors, and it allows you, when you are given the opportunity to complete the imagery yourself, to customize the recording a bit for even greater effectiveness. Here’s the deal: your brain doesn’t care if you’re really experiencing something or just imagining it. That’s why so many professional athletes use it; it works as well as physical practice by strengthening the same connections in the brain.

Because it has been so hard for me to find recordings that take these issues to heart, I have produced my own recording, Get Fit & Slim. I’ve compiled all of the best suggestions that I’ve used with my clients and with which I’ve had great success and made them available in the most effective format to enable anyone using a generic recording to get the best possible results. I want everyone to take better care of themselves without the effort, deprivation, suffering, failure and shame that so often result from trying to make such changes using willpower alone.

Get healthier and enjoy life more! Click HERE to get started.


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I’m SO excited to announce that I will be donating half of all online product sales from now through March 27, 2015, to these amazing ladies for their annual ride for Hospice! Now’s the time to get some really helpful items for you or someone you love and help out a great cause. Thank you, Chrome Divas!!! Find out more about their annual epic ride HERE.


Mobile Mindfulness

Make mindfulness a habit and pay more attention to the often overlooked daily experiences that make us truly happy.

I’m truly happy to offer you a mobile version of my 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge. Available in the App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android. Play with a demo and get your app HERE.


New! FREE online 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge

Welcome to my 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge, Making Mindfulness a Habit. Get ready for a  journey toward increased awareness, creativity, happiness and purpose.

Each day we will spend a few moments relaxing and focusing on a specific thought or affirmation. We will also do a few paragraphs of journaling each day. Feel free to use any book or notepad, as long as you are writing freehand. We’ll record what we’ve released, how we’ve grown, what we’ve created and how we’ve inspired others each day. We’ll also have a daily goal of 5 expressions of gratitude and shoot for giving/getting 8 hugs each day.

If you would like more information about why we’re engaging in these daily activities and to have a convenient journal already set up for this program, see Create Yourself: One-Month Journal.

This is a trial version of this program, so it is free to everyone. You can find it here. Enjoy!


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Let’s Party!

I’m very excited to announce the publication of a couple of tools to help you live mindfully, discover what changes you may want to make to improve your happiness and/or grow the vision for your business. Both are available now on the Products page. If you’re looking for fun and flexible personal growth tools, you’ll love these!

Years spent coaching, and more recently adding hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming to my toolbox, have intermingled with creativity and happiness research to forge my beliefs about happiness – that we have to release, grow, create and inspire to be truly happy. We have to consciously acknowledge and release whatever doesn’t serve us, which involves reducing stress and understanding and reprogramming our limiting beliefs. We have to grow and enrich the beliefs that do serve us by learning and experiencing all we can in relation to those beliefs. We have to challenge ourselves to listen to the 90-95% of our minds (our subconscious minds) that aren’t babbling at us throughout the day, which enables us to create new opportunities and possibilities for our interactions with the world. Finally, we have to inspire others to do the same by being shining examples of living with mindfulness, living our purpose, which gives us the satisfaction of knowing we’ve made a difference in the world, whether big or small.

My new journal is a tool for recording these experiences daily, to aid introspection and change – the creation of YOU. It is a mindfulness tool, a way to record questions you ask yourself, the answers you find in yourself, how you feel about them and what, if anything, you decide to do about them.

My other closely related tool is a creative thinking workshop, which is now available on DVD. Take a journey into the psychology and physiology of creativity and learn how you can use it to increase happiness in your personal life and innovation in your business.

Join me at a book launch party at ZenLife Yoga, located at 21820 S Ellsworth Rd in Queen Creek, AZ, on Saturday, September 27 from 6-8 p.m. We’ll have refreshments, fun and amazing people and an up-close-and-personal look at these new development tools, both of which will be available for you to take home with you so that you can get started right away taking the next step in your personal and/or professional development. Browse the wonderful, motivational items in the ZenLife Boutique, and enter a drawing to win a free personal growth package – a journal, a workshop DVD and a motivational wristband!

Hope to see you there!



Go Ahead, Create Yourself

I just published a journal to help you learn more about you, what makes you happy and what you may want to change – to create yourself. It is a mindfulness tool, a way to make note of the wonderful little things that happen every day that you may tend to overlook but that can lead to greater happiness. Most of all, it’s a place to play and explore and have fun!

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Creative Thinking Workshop

Everyone can increase their ability to be creative and innovative. I have a new workshop available that will give you lots of tools for increasing your creative thinking – in less than 30 minutes! Click here!


Creative Thinking DVD

My CREATIVE THINKING UNLEASHED workshop is now available on DVD as a 30-minute class. Get more information here!