Fat-burning Beast Made Easy – Get health coaching for $10/month!

Take a breather from the calorie counting, macro tracking and rigid workout schedules to focus on making some gradual changes as you feel like making them, all while taking it easy and enjoying your life. My philosophy is simple: work with your body, not against it. It’s amazing how often we get in our own way when trying to live healthier lives. Sometimes we need to outsmart our brains to do what’s best for us.

This is a book of body/mind goals to help you move toward optimal gene expression at your own pace, moving a little more toward each goal as you can, so you feel better and have more energy every day and no feelings of deprivation or suffering. Get out of a dieter’s mindset and into a mindset of longevity with this simple guide. No research or expert opinion to wade through here; I’ve already done that footwork for you. This is a quick reference for those who want to cut to the chase and just know what they should start working toward, in their own way at at their own time.

This course is interactive, so just leave comments or questions at the bottom of any lesson and they will be answered! Use the last section of the class to keep yourself accountable, too – an accountability buddy will always be there for you! You can also request that certain information be included in the lessons, and I’ll be happy to do so. I’ll be continually updating the course with new tips, tricks, information, recipes and anything else I think might be helpful or fun!

Whether you’re wanting to start on the right road to optimum health or tweak the road you’re already on, this course will give you the tools you need to be successful.

Learn more and get started HERE!

Get out of the diet mentality and into a longevity mindset, optimize your hormones and turn off those chronic illness genes and ignite that body fat. You'll do it in a way that's surprisingly comfortable and easy and fits into your life perfectly. Get answers to your questions, accountability - whatever you need. Customize this plan to fit you, with my help. Get rid of the bad habits and cravings and enjoy life!

Get your cheat sheet for healthy living

There are fantastic books out there to help people burn fat and heal from chronic health problems. Lately I’ve been hearing several people say they’ve enjoyed reading them but have had a hard time getting through the heavier parts, the science and explanation behind the suggestions for lifestyle changes.

The books are too big. What they want is a cheat sheet – just the suggestions without the research or background theory to wade through.

So here it is! The Lazy Person’s Quick-start Guide to Becoming a Fat-burning Beast is now available as a short, sweet ebook that can be read on any e-reader, such as iBooks.

I combine all of the latest research in nutrition and exercise physiology, distilled into easy-to-swallow bites that take almost no time to read and are easy to follow, with mental tips and tricks to make those healthy changes faster and more comfortable.

Let me show you how to work with your body, not against it, to improve your health and longevity and get out of the dieter’s mindset. No more deprivation or suffering! Done right, you can make continual changes in healthier directions and feel better and more energetic – and enjoy more of life – every day.

Click here to get your instant download and start down a better path right now. 🙂


Create Yourself in Business

You asked for it, you got it! In response to numerous requests from business owners who are not hypnotherapists, I’ve updated and revised my book, Create Yourself as a Hypnotherapist for a broader audience, and it’s now available. Create Yourself in Business is a workbook geared toward anyone in a rapport-based business, whether you’re just getting started or are ready to take the next leap. Build trust and attract ideal clients. Stop the numbers game and swap lead follow-up for effortless and endless referrals.

“This is a great book for anyone getting ready to take the leap of self employment, or for business owners looking to start the next chapter. Amy Rosner offers straight forward steps, recommendations, and refreshing humor to what could be a stressful journey. You will enjoy looking back at your notes on the workbook pages when you are celebrating your successes in your business.”

– Jo Jackson, Owner/Chef at J2h Eat Enterprises, LLC

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Mindful Life Lessons from Duke & Daisy

All I need to know about living mindfully I learned from my dogs – and laughter is the best stress reducer! Great gift for dog lovers or to get kids started on living more mindfully. Pick a new card each day and focus on its lesson, and eventually you’ll be living more mindfully without even thinking about it. And you won’t find any cuter teachers than Daisy and Duke! Available HERE or in my office


Ultimate gift for dog lovers! Let these two silly dogs infuse your life with mindfulness and amusement. 28 cards with cute lessons from Daisy and Duke, two rescue dogs on a mission to help others find their forever homes. A dollar from every pack sold goes to help other rescue dogs. : Mindful Life Lessons from Duke and Daisy : Office Products

Your Complete Guide to Self-Hypnosis

For years people have asked me if I had videos teaching self-hypnosis. Well now I do! I’ve compiled all of the tips, tricks and advice I give my clients into a course that takes you through the different stages of my technique. It’s more than just a learning tool, though – it’s a lifetime reference to help you continually evolve your practice. Best of all, it’s interactive. In the comments section of each lesson you can ask questions or share experiences, and I’m there to help you get exactly what you want out of the course every step of the way.

Check it out HERE and see why this is the best and only self-hypnosis tool you’ll ever need!


Relax and Breathe Easily

Do you have difficulty breathing from allergies, asthma or COPD? My new audio file/CD, Relax and Breathe Easily, helps calm your respiratory system for greater comfort and encourages natural healing.

In this recording Amy uses only positive suggestions that help you:

  • calm coughing and breathe more easily and deeply
  • encourage moistening of the nose and throat
  • increase relaxation and enjoy better quality sleep
  • encourage congestion drainage and proper immune response
  • increase comfort and positive outlook

Get more information and your instant download HERE!


Create a Unique and Personal Brand for Your Business

You just finished your hypnotherapy training. Congratulations! Now what? How are you going to get your new business started? Where are your clients? How are you going to germinate lead nurturing for your business? How do you take the business advice you received in school and whatever you can find elsewhere and apply it to your new career?

This is my story, how I created myself as a hypnotherapist. I have never considered myself business-owner material. I learned everything I could find, tried all of the best business practices I was taught and threw everything at the wall to see what would stick. I learned that a hypnotherapy practice is a unique kind of business, and traditional business practices don’t always work out well for us. In this book I let you know what worked and what didn’t to get me up and running and making a living wage my first full month in business – and what has kept me going and growing ever since. You might be surprised what has worked and what hasn’t!

Geared toward hypnotherapists, there are lessons and exercises helpful to many other types of entrepreneurs, as well. This book is for anyone looking to create a unique and personal brand for his or her business.

Available now at (click here)!


Mindful Thought and Activity Cards

I’m so excited! I’ve been wanting to produce a deck of mindfulness cards for awhile now, and they’re finally here!

This card deck is a fun and easy way to have mindful reminders with you wherever you go. The front of each card contains original artwork and a word or phrase to focus on during the day. On the back is an affirmation to remind yourself to attend to the idea of the day, an exercise to help you experience it and an inspirational quote. Each day’s focus is to attend more and more automatically to something in our daily lives that makes us happier and more content with our lives, but which we tend to overlook. These little cards will help you slow down and enjoy more of what life has to offer.

These cards can be used alone or with my Create Yourself: One-Month Journal.

28 cards (2″ x 2″) in a beautiful organza bag. The perfect little gift or stocking stuffer. Get more info and order HERE!


NEW! Surgery Preparation Relaxation & Recovery

Surgery preparation the natural way! Research shows that using hypnosis to help prepare for any medical procedure can result in many positive benefits, including a shorter hospital stay. Why? Because hypnosis mobilizes and focuses your body’s natural healing abilities, so that you can do your part to help your medical team keep you healthy. Depending on what type of surgery you undergo, you may need post op treatment like postoperative ocular steroids to alleviate symptoms like pain.

I’m excited to release a new audio file to help you maximize these healing benefits. In this recording I use only positive suggestions and imagery that help you:

  • increase relaxation and enjoy better quality sleep
  • heal faster
  • experience less pain (acute and chronic), nausea and discomfort
  • experience fewer side-effects
  • reduce anticipatory anxiety
  • adhere more easily to your doctor’s treatment plans
  • overcome emotional and physical limitations to achieve therapeutic closure
  • get out of the hospital 1-3 days sooner

Check out my new audio file HERE to help you mobilize and focus your body’s natural healing resources. CD available from (click HERE).

You can start using this recording up to several weeks before your procedure and can even use it during and after surgery as needed.

Your body knows what to do to heal and grow. Let it do its perfect work in a completely natural and very pleasant way.
Here’s to your health!

Hypnosis for Bladder Control

Bladder control slipping?

Ditch the diapers and get control naturally

Many of us experience a lessening of control over our urination. The Mayo Clinic ( outlines several reasons why it’s important for you to let your doctor know if you notice this happening to you. Lack of bladder control can:
  • Indicate a serious underlying medical condition, such as diabetes or kidney problems
  • Cause you to restrict your physical activities
  • Lead you to withdraw from social interactions
  • Increase your risk of falling if you have balance problems and you often rush to the bathroom to avoid leaking urine
One thing your doctor may not tell you is that hypnosis has been shown in clinical trials by the National Institutes of Health and the University of New Mexico to be very effective at helping you get this control back.There are some great benefits to using hypnosis. It can help you reprogram your nervous system to control your pelvic and bladder muscles, improve your body’s early warning system to help you get to a bathroom with plenty of time to spare, let you relax your body and mind while still strengthening your muscles effortlessly and without thinking about it, keeps you feeling more calm and centered throughout each day and lets you sleep more easily and deeply each night. It is completely natural and does not rely on any external aids. It also gives you the added benefits of reducing stress and its harmful effects, increasing clear and creative thinking and living more mindfully for a lifetime of better health and wellness (when done daily).

I have used hypnosis successfully to help many clients regain control over their urination, and I am excited to announce that I have just released an audio file to help anyone anywhere do the same. It only takes 15 minutes and works for all ages. If you or anyone you know may be interested in learning more and getting started immediately, just click HERE.

Also available on CD at