Womanpower Unleashed

Ladies, join us for a fun day to release and expand your inner power!

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Let’s Party!

I’m very excited to announce the publication of a couple of tools to help you live mindfully, discover what changes you may want to make to improve your happiness and/or grow the vision for your business. Both are available now on the Products page. If you’re looking for fun and flexible personal growth tools, you’ll love these!

Years spent coaching, and more recently adding hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming to my toolbox, have intermingled with creativity and happiness research to forge my beliefs about happiness – that we have to release, grow, create and inspire to be truly happy. We have to consciously acknowledge and release whatever doesn’t serve us, which involves reducing stress and understanding and reprogramming our limiting beliefs. We have to grow and enrich the beliefs that do serve us by learning and experiencing all we can in relation to those beliefs. We have to challenge ourselves to listen to the 90-95% of our minds (our subconscious minds) that aren’t babbling at us throughout the day, which enables us to create new opportunities and possibilities for our interactions with the world. Finally, we have to inspire others to do the same by being shining examples of living with mindfulness, living our purpose, which gives us the satisfaction of knowing we’ve made a difference in the world, whether big or small.

My new journal is a tool for recording these experiences daily, to aid introspection and change – the creation of YOU. It is a mindfulness tool, a way to record questions you ask yourself, the answers you find in yourself, how you feel about them and what, if anything, you decide to do about them.

My other closely related tool is a creative thinking workshop, which is now available on DVD. Take a journey into the psychology and physiology of creativity and learn how you can use it to increase happiness in your personal life and innovation in your business.

Join me at a book launch party at ZenLife Yoga, located at 21820 S Ellsworth Rd in Queen Creek, AZ, on Saturday, September 27 from 6-8 p.m. We’ll have refreshments, fun and amazing people and an up-close-and-personal look at these new development tools, both of which will be available for you to take home with you so that you can get started right away taking the next step in your personal and/or professional development. Browse the wonderful, motivational items in the ZenLife Boutique, and enter a drawing to win a free personal growth package – a journal, a workshop DVD and a motivational wristband!

Hope to see you there!



Free Health Event: Chronic Pain Therapies

Join us at the Center for Pain and Supportive Care in Phoenix for a free open house to explore alternative and complementary therapies for chronic pain. See flyer for details. Register by Sept. 3 (email, as space is limited. Click HERE for more information.