New DietBet Game Starts August 1

Join the Red-hot Summer Slimdown! Bet $35 that you’ll lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks, and if you win you get your money back – and then some! I’ll make it easy for you by being an active host, posting helpful tips and answering any questions. I’ll also give you a free copy of my ebook Lose Weight Forever AND a free copy of my hypnosis audio file Get Fit & Slim!

We focus on losing the fat and sparing the muscle. Losing excess body fat and warding off hormonal imbalances and chronic illness is a mind-body game. I’ve got the strategies for you – you just need the commitment to get started.

A DietBet game is a fun way to get some accountability to move forward with healthy goals, and my games focus on not only fast body fat loss but on getting out of a dieting mentality and into a longevity mindset to keep the weight off and continue down your healthier path easily and comfortably.

In my last little group there were 5 winners and a total of 54.7 pounds lost!

Seriously, what do you have to lose other than some body fat and bad habits? Click HERE to register today!


Get Hot for Summer!

Want a bit of a kick to lose weight for summer? I’m getting ready to go on a cruise, during which I will undoubtedly eat and drink myself silly and have a great time! When I return, I’ll need some accountability to get back on track with losing weight. So I’ve decided to host a Diet Bet game right after Memorial Day weekend. Yep, enjoy your BBQ and squeezing into that swimsuit, then join me to get a bit more hot for summer. 😉

Here’s how it works: you bet $35 on yourself to lose 4% of your weight in 4 weeks. If you win, you get your money back and get to split the pot with the other winners! And to sweeten the offer, if you join my game I’ll give you a free Get Fit and Slim audio file to help you win! I’ll also post helpful tips daily from my Fat-burning Beast program to give you every possibility for success with your weight loss. And because it’s been shown that if you have a friend in the game with you, you’ll lose 52% more weight, I’ll give a free session to whomever joins and gets the most friends to join. There’s never been a better time to get rid of those cravings!

Let’s have some fun and support each other to dial in our nutrition and activity in healthy ways for continued better health. All of my tips will be in the spirit of getting out of the diet mentality and into a longevity mindset for long-term success.

Click HERE to sign up!


New Workshop: Mad Mindfulness Skills for Everyday Awesomeness

Get ready to play your A-game!

Gear up for this in-depth, interactive mini-retreat at my office with lots of exercises in formal and informal mindfulness techniques, when to use them, how to use them, and why you should use them. You’ll receive physical tools ($28 value) and mental tools (priceless) for living a more relaxed, enjoyable, productive life – plus a $50 coupon toward my online self-hypnosis course (that’s $78 in free stuff)! The tips, tricks and techniques you’ll learn are simple and easy for everyone to master – even if you have difficulty meditating. Learn how to reverse the effects of stress on your body, eat mindfully and stop second-guessing yourself – and so much more. And we’ll have drinks and a nosh, of course!

Friday, September 29, or Saturday, September 30, from 1:30-4:30 p.m.
Cost: $75     Register HERE by Friday, September 22 and get my online self-hypnosis class ($99 value) completely free!


Upcoming Talk: The Subconscious Mind and Creative Character Development

How do our limiting beliefs, negative emotion from past events and other stressors change our behavior in ways that aren’t always intuitive or expected? Our subconscious minds drive our thoughts, feelings and behaviors, whereas our conscious minds make up stories to make the world make sense and make us feel better. Because we often push away our true feelings and listen instead to our conscious stories, we can act in ways that don’t give us what we really want in life. This seeming contradiction greatly impacts how we develop as people as well as how we build and sometimes sabotage our relationships. I’ll share case studies and their happy endings.

Join me next Friday, September 15, for an hour-long journey into the subconscious mind and why we do the things we do. You’ll get the chance to ask plenty of questions, and my books and mindfulness cards will be available for purchase.

Place: Dog-Eared Pages Used Books, 16428 N. 32nd Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85032, 602-283-5423

Cost: $5.00 (Ticket may be applied toward purchase of presenting author’s books that evening.)

Time: 5:30 p.m.


Creativity Workshop

Join me at the Maricopa Center for Entrepreneurship for a fun workshop to get your creativity flowing! Learn how to dramatically increase your productivity while getting more enjoyment and fulfillment from your work and more time for the things you love.

Wednesday August 17, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

MCE – Maricopa Center for Entrepreneurship


Get more information and register HERE!


Boost Your Brain at Business Bootcamp

Join me May 7th at the Embassy Suites in Scottsdale for Arizona’s premiere one day conference for women business owners and entrepreneurs. Celebrating 10 years of real tools, support and results, NO Philosophy, Theory or FLUFF!


Mr Greens World gives some insight into the speakers and reasons to attend this amazing event!! Listen to the podcast here: women-entrepreneurs-game-on


I’ll be leading the workshop Brain Boosting Fun! Do you feel that you could think more clearly or creatively to come up with innovative developments for your business? Does it feel like the different parts of your brain don’t always work together as seamlessly as they could? Does it feel like you’re fighting yourself sometimes? Would you like your team to be more cohesive, come up with better ideas and get more enjoyment out of their work? This workshop will put it all into perspective for you and teach you how to outsmart your brain to work as a well-oiled machine. Boost your creative thinking and problem solving and that of your team. Dramatically increase your productivity while getting more enjoyment and fulfillment from your work and more time for the things you love.


You have superpowers. Use them.

This Groundhog Day, will you come out of your burrow with continued, easy action toward your goals for the new year or will you retreat back into the comfort of your old habits and put those improvements back on your resolution list again next year?

Tap Into Your Superpowers for Fast & Easy Change is a new workshop that’s all about keeping up the positive momentum with which you started off the new year. I’ll work with your individual goals and aspirations for yourselves this year, defining what you really want and making them standard operating procedures for your brains. We’ll get away from trying to boost willpower and instead make permanent transformations that help you down the road to what you want to improve. This will be an interactive workshop and you’ll receive valuable tools that you can use for any future improvements you might like to make.

In this class you’ll learn how to:

– release negative feelings and limiting beliefs that aren’t serving you
– give yourself suggestions or affirmations that really work
– reprogram negative influences on the fly
– discover if past emotional programming may be keeping you from moving forward easily
– tap into your natural superpowers and take off!

GET READY TO BE INSPIRED AND EXCITED! Wishy-washy doesn’t live here. We’re pumped. And we have cookies. 🙂

February 2, 2016, from 5:30-7:30 pm at my office. $25 in advance, $30 at the door. Get more information HERE.


Collaboration Celebration Workshop

When Networking Coach Jacque and Hypnotherapist Amy team up . . .expect sparks to fly! This full fun day workshop gets into the trenches of FULLY developing alliances to create Word of Mouth presence and sales.

– Maximize exposure to well over 600 new prospects
– Cultivate the power of working with a dedicated alliance.
– Go from start to prosperity in creating a Word of Mouth strategy with an alliance.
– In the process, clarify personal goals, roadblocks, visions, and focus
– Get a new alliance if you don’t bring one (though bringing your own is preferred)

Full day, come with an open mind, eagerness to learn and collaborate, and leave your ego at home. Expect humor and fun as we go. You won’t believe how much you will grow!

Click HERE to register now!

Collaboration Celebration flyer


Womanpower Unleashed Workshop is Back!

One powerful day to a more powerful you!

For all of you professional women who are ready for your next level of greatness…

Join Drs. Irene Lebedies and Amy Rosner for a day of personal exploration, understanding and positive change to help you work smarter, not harder, release stress and blocks to greater success and propel yourself from good to flat-out awesome. Lunch and other goodies will be provided. Come prepared to take lots of notes, as you’ll get tons of helpful information to keep you growing for a long time. This will be a really fun one, ladies!

Reserve your seat early, as we are only accepting a small number of attendees to have a more intimate group.

Saturday, September 12, 2015, at my office in Gilbert, AZ. Cost: $147. Advanced registration is required to guarantee your seat.


Creative Thinking Live Workshop May 21

Why are we so busy?

It’s time to get off of the hamster wheel and get more done

You know that guy – we all work with one – who works late every night and comes in on the weekend, yet he doesn’t ever seem to get much done? He has all of these projects on his plate and you may even have to help him out by doing some of his work for him. He prides himself on how little sleep he gets because of all of the work he’s doing, and he has little-to-no personal life, which he wears as a badge of honor. We wonder why he doesn’t make some changes to have a better life, and we’re glad we aren’t him. Yet a part of us admires his dedication and work ethic – and we’re more like him than we may think.

An interesting article just came out in the Harvard Business Review (read it here) that shows that the business world is now listening to research psychologists and is concerned with their findings. For awhile now, researchers have been publishing article after article, which, when taken together, show that we tend to program ourselves (or are programmed by others) to maintain momentum of action even when we have nothing to do. We tend to avoid idleness at all costs, even when it serves us to take more productive action later, in favor of constant action, even when it gets us nowhere and decreases our productivity.

Why is this? Our society definitely rewards us for being busy. We are programmed by our bosses to work long hours without taking breaks, eating lunch at our desks. It’s not like we’re trolling Facebook; we’re working on our projects and keeping ourselves organized. We’re doing what every good little worker bee should be doing.

Perhaps we make a few unnecessary trips to the break room for coffee throughout the day, but what’s really killing our productivity is what we’re doing at our desks.

If you’re like most people, you probably feel like you get more done when you’re humming along at a good pace, fueled by caffeine and cortisol (a big stress hormone). You can multitask like a boss and make decisions quickly and easily to keep your business moving, moving, moving. As it turns out, the success of this approach is only in our heads. We may be doing better than before, now that we have some processes figured out and securely implemented and everyone knows what they need to do. That’s great, but what if you could make whatever you’re doing now even more productive? I don’t mean implementing new, more efficient processes, though that might be a good idea, too. I mean maximizing the effectiveness of every worker in your business, including you.

What are the two things that the Harvard Business Review is now telling us to do to be more productive?

  1. Embrace idleness, and
  2. Act only when it’s warranted
Embracing idleness gives you the opportunity to get out of stress mode, in which you’re humming along thinking you’re getting so much done but you’re really not. Don’t even try to multitask; no matter how productive you think you’re being, you’re not. Instead, take time to really relax. Just closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths can work wonders. When you’re relaxed (out of stress mode) the blood flow to your brain changes from the emotional centers to the problem-solving centers, so you make better decisions. Quick decisions made while in stress mode may feel productive at the time, but they result in more re-work later. They are not as productive as decisions made when relaxed and thoroughly informed on the front end.Making a decision just to make a decision impairs productivity. Any action taken just to remain busy impairs productivity. When we’re acting, we’re not thinking in a way that can improve our decisions and the ways in which we act. We don’t attend to anything except what’s in front of us at the time, so we miss the little things we experience throughout the day that truly make us happy. Living on a hamster wheel instead of living in the moment hinders our productivity and decreases our satisfaction in all areas of our lives.Taking time to think creatively (i.e., in relaxation mode, not worker bee mode) and listen to what’s in your head improves the decisions you make and the efficacy of the actions you take. Instead of taking pride in being “crazy busy,” embrace feeling really good, calm and centered, and being even more productive.Want some great strategies to help you do this? Come to my Creative Thinking Unleashed workshop in Gilbert, AZ, on May 21 or get the DVD or streaming/downloadable version of the workshop. You can start increasing your innovative thinking and productivity in just 30 minutes!

Stretch & smile!