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Mindful Thought and Activity Cards

I’m so excited! I’ve been wanting to produce a deck of mindfulness cards for awhile now, and they’re finally here!

This card deck is a fun and easy way to have mindful reminders with you wherever you go. The front of each card contains original artwork and a word or phrase to focus on during the day. On the back is an affirmation to remind yourself to attend to the idea of the day, an exercise to help you experience it and an inspirational quote. Each day’s focus is to attend more and more automatically to something in our daily lives that makes us happier and more content with our lives, but which we tend to overlook. These little cards will help you slow down and enjoy more of what life has to offer.

These cards can be used alone or with my Create Yourself: One-Month Journal.

28 cards (2″ x 2″) in a beautiful organza bag. The perfect little gift or stocking stuffer. Get more info and order HERE!


NEW! Surgery Preparation Relaxation & Recovery

Surgery preparation the natural way! Research shows that using hypnosis to help prepare for any medical procedure can result in many positive benefits, including a shorter hospital stay. Why? Because hypnosis mobilizes and focuses your body’s natural healing abilities, so that you can do your part to help your medical team keep you healthy. Depending on what type of surgery you undergo, you may need post op treatment like postoperative ocular steroids to alleviate symptoms like pain.

I’m excited to release a new audio file to help you maximize these healing benefits. In this recording I use only positive suggestions and imagery that help you:

  • increase relaxation and enjoy better quality sleep
  • heal faster
  • experience less pain (acute and chronic), nausea and discomfort
  • experience fewer side-effects
  • reduce anticipatory anxiety
  • adhere more easily to your doctor’s treatment plans
  • overcome emotional and physical limitations to achieve therapeutic closure
  • get out of the hospital 1-3 days sooner

Check out my new audio file HERE to help you mobilize and focus your body’s natural healing resources. CD available from (click HERE).

You can start using this recording up to several weeks before your procedure and can even use it during and after surgery as needed.

Your body knows what to do to heal and grow. Let it do its perfect work in a completely natural and very pleasant way.
Here’s to your health!

Womanpower Unleashed Workshop is Back!

One powerful day to a more powerful you!

For all of you professional women who are ready for your next level of greatness…

Join Drs. Irene Lebedies and Amy Rosner for a day of personal exploration, understanding and positive change to help you work smarter, not harder, release stress and blocks to greater success and propel yourself from good to flat-out awesome. Lunch and other goodies will be provided. Come prepared to take lots of notes, as you’ll get tons of helpful information to keep you growing for a long time. This will be a really fun one, ladies!

Reserve your seat early, as we are only accepting a small number of attendees to have a more intimate group.

Saturday, September 12, 2015, at my office in Gilbert, AZ. Cost: $147. Advanced registration is required to guarantee your seat.


Hypnosis for Bladder Control

Bladder control slipping?

Ditch the diapers and get control naturally

Many of us experience a lessening of control over our urination. The Mayo Clinic ( outlines several reasons why it’s important for you to let your doctor know if you notice this happening to you. Lack of bladder control can:
  • Indicate a serious underlying medical condition, such as diabetes or kidney problems
  • Cause you to restrict your physical activities
  • Lead you to withdraw from social interactions
  • Increase your risk of falling if you have balance problems and you often rush to the bathroom to avoid leaking urine
One thing your doctor may not tell you is that hypnosis has been shown in clinical trials by the National Institutes of Health and the University of New Mexico to be very effective at helping you get this control back.There are some great benefits to using hypnosis. It can help you reprogram your nervous system to control your pelvic and bladder muscles, improve your body’s early warning system to help you get to a bathroom with plenty of time to spare, let you relax your body and mind while still strengthening your muscles effortlessly and without thinking about it, keeps you feeling more calm and centered throughout each day and lets you sleep more easily and deeply each night. It is completely natural and does not rely on any external aids. It also gives you the added benefits of reducing stress and its harmful effects, increasing clear and creative thinking and living more mindfully for a lifetime of better health and wellness (when done daily).

I have used hypnosis successfully to help many clients regain control over their urination, and I am excited to announce that I have just released an audio file to help anyone anywhere do the same. It only takes 15 minutes and works for all ages. If you or anyone you know may be interested in learning more and getting started immediately, just click HERE.

Also available on CD at

Creative Thinking Live Workshop May 21

Why are we so busy?

It’s time to get off of the hamster wheel and get more done

You know that guy – we all work with one – who works late every night and comes in on the weekend, yet he doesn’t ever seem to get much done? He has all of these projects on his plate and you may even have to help him out by doing some of his work for him. He prides himself on how little sleep he gets because of all of the work he’s doing, and he has little-to-no personal life, which he wears as a badge of honor. We wonder why he doesn’t make some changes to have a better life, and we’re glad we aren’t him. Yet a part of us admires his dedication and work ethic – and we’re more like him than we may think.

An interesting article just came out in the Harvard Business Review (read it here) that shows that the business world is now listening to research psychologists and is concerned with their findings. For awhile now, researchers have been publishing article after article, which, when taken together, show that we tend to program ourselves (or are programmed by others) to maintain momentum of action even when we have nothing to do. We tend to avoid idleness at all costs, even when it serves us to take more productive action later, in favor of constant action, even when it gets us nowhere and decreases our productivity.

Why is this? Our society definitely rewards us for being busy. We are programmed by our bosses to work long hours without taking breaks, eating lunch at our desks. It’s not like we’re trolling Facebook; we’re working on our projects and keeping ourselves organized. We’re doing what every good little worker bee should be doing.

Perhaps we make a few unnecessary trips to the break room for coffee throughout the day, but what’s really killing our productivity is what we’re doing at our desks.

If you’re like most people, you probably feel like you get more done when you’re humming along at a good pace, fueled by caffeine and cortisol (a big stress hormone). You can multitask like a boss and make decisions quickly and easily to keep your business moving, moving, moving. As it turns out, the success of this approach is only in our heads. We may be doing better than before, now that we have some processes figured out and securely implemented and everyone knows what they need to do. That’s great, but what if you could make whatever you’re doing now even more productive? I don’t mean implementing new, more efficient processes, though that might be a good idea, too. I mean maximizing the effectiveness of every worker in your business, including you.

What are the two things that the Harvard Business Review is now telling us to do to be more productive?

  1. Embrace idleness, and
  2. Act only when it’s warranted
Embracing idleness gives you the opportunity to get out of stress mode, in which you’re humming along thinking you’re getting so much done but you’re really not. Don’t even try to multitask; no matter how productive you think you’re being, you’re not. Instead, take time to really relax. Just closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths can work wonders. When you’re relaxed (out of stress mode) the blood flow to your brain changes from the emotional centers to the problem-solving centers, so you make better decisions. Quick decisions made while in stress mode may feel productive at the time, but they result in more re-work later. They are not as productive as decisions made when relaxed and thoroughly informed on the front end.Making a decision just to make a decision impairs productivity. Any action taken just to remain busy impairs productivity. When we’re acting, we’re not thinking in a way that can improve our decisions and the ways in which we act. We don’t attend to anything except what’s in front of us at the time, so we miss the little things we experience throughout the day that truly make us happy. Living on a hamster wheel instead of living in the moment hinders our productivity and decreases our satisfaction in all areas of our lives.Taking time to think creatively (i.e., in relaxation mode, not worker bee mode) and listen to what’s in your head improves the decisions you make and the efficacy of the actions you take. Instead of taking pride in being “crazy busy,” embrace feeling really good, calm and centered, and being even more productive.Want some great strategies to help you do this? Come to my Creative Thinking Unleashed workshop in Gilbert, AZ, on May 21 or get the DVD or streaming/downloadable version of the workshop. You can start increasing your innovative thinking and productivity in just 30 minutes!

Stretch & smile!


4 Things to Look Out for in a Weight Loss Hypnosis Recording

Thinking about using a weight loss hypnosis recording? We all need a little help once in awhile to keep us on track doing what’s right for us. Creating and sticking to healthy habits can be easier than you might think, no matter what program or regimen you would like to follow. Hypnosis can be very effective for crushing cravings and making you want to eat healthy and exercise. The most effective approach is a series of one-on-one sessions and a custom recording for a completely customized program, building your strengths and changing your weaknesses, taking into account your schedule, preferences and health practitioner recommendations.

A generic recording can be very helpful, too, if you get a good one. Though there are many hypnosis recordings out there for getting healthy, many are problematic and may unintentionally create or increase unhealthy behaviors. I had the personal experience of using a recording that actually made me crave fast food for the first time in years! And it was recorded by one of the top names in hypnosis recordings. I’ve learned that there are several things that make a recording most effective for getting healthy.

1. All positive suggestions

Almost every recording I’ve ever heard contains negative suggestions, but I’ve seen over and over how our brains don’t always respond to negatives as we might like. In the example above, my fast food cravings were triggered by the suggestion, “You no longer want greasy, fattening food.” I liken negative hypnotic suggestions to talking to dogs. They don’t hear the negative. If you say, “Do you want to go play with doggies?” they get all excited. If you say, “Do you not want to go play with doggies?” they get just as excited. It can work the same way with our subconscious minds. We can get excited about something that does not serve us but can trigger cravings or bad behaviors.

2. Keeping it current

Think about the difference in feeling between telling yourself, “I’m going to live healthier,” versus, “I am living healthier.” You can really feel it, can’t you? I’m always amazed at how many recordings use future tense in their suggestions. Your brain hears the first suggestion above and thinks you’ll get to it tomorrow or start Monday or something similar. Your brain hears the second one and you immediately think of yourself as someone who takes care of themselves by living a healthy life, making mental and physical changes accordingly. Using only present tense, no future tense, enables the changes to start happening now.

3. No sound track

Sound tracks in recordings can be problematic. One person may be soothed by sounds of the ocean, while another may feel stressed by the same sounds. No sound track means you will not need to worry about how any accompanying sound track might affect you. Rather, you’ll just get relaxing, effective suggestions to program your subconscious mind for health, without distractions and without associating stress or negative feelings with healthy suggestions.

4. Guided imagery

Guided imagery is amazingly effective for changing behaviors and how you feel about those behaviors, and it allows you, when you are given the opportunity to complete the imagery yourself, to customize the recording a bit for even greater effectiveness. Here’s the deal: your brain doesn’t care if you’re really experiencing something or just imagining it. That’s why so many professional athletes use it; it works as well as physical practice by strengthening the same connections in the brain.

Because it has been so hard for me to find recordings that take these issues to heart, I have produced my own recording, Get Fit & Slim. I’ve compiled all of the best suggestions that I’ve used with my clients and with which I’ve had great success and made them available in the most effective format to enable anyone using a generic recording to get the best possible results. I want everyone to take better care of themselves without the effort, deprivation, suffering, failure and shame that so often result from trying to make such changes using willpower alone.

Get healthier and enjoy life more! Click HERE to get started.


Get Your Innovation On!


Mesa Community College 

1833 W. Southern Ave. 

Mesa, AZ 85202 

in the Performing Arts Center (Southeast side of campus off of Longmore Dr.) 

Continuing Education Credits available for Psychologists and Mental Health Professionals


Meditation for Non Meditators

It’s that time again – time for a new Deepak & Oprah Meditation Experience. I love these offerings, though I wouldn’t consider myself a meditator. Oprah always has inspirational thoughts to share, and the music is lovely. It’s just a nice way to spend a few introspective minutes. I hear from friends and clients that they enjoy them, too, but there are some aspects of these experiences that just don’t resonate with them. They have a hard time sitting and thinking about a single thought in another language for the duration of the meditation, and they have trouble just focusing on a single thought for that entire time. I understand and share the same difficulties, so I engage in these meditation sessions a bit differently than Deepak instructs. I always turn my meditation sessions into more typical Amy-style self-hypnosis sessions, and I get so much more out of them that way. Let me explain…

I let myself relax, following Deepak’s voice, and focus on the centering thought for the day. Instead of trying to pronounce, let alone repeat, the mantra on which he wants me to focus throughout the meditation, I repeat and focus on the centering thought. For example, today’s mantra is “Sheevo Hum”, meaning “I am infinity.” I have a couple of problems with this. One is that “Sheevo Hum” means nothing to me, so repeating it over and over won’t change my thinking or improve my outlook as much as an English phrase that inspires me. The second is that “I am infinity” doesn’t resonate with me. I have no idea what that means, and thinking about it will engage my analytical conscious mind and throw me out of that lovely meditative, hypnotic state. The centering thought for the day, “I create my success from within,” however, deeply resonates with me – and if it didn’t, I would change it a bit so that it did. That’s the mantra I used, the suggestion I gave myself.

Then I turn the meditation into more of a self-hypnosis session by letting my mind take off. I don’t come back to the mantra unless I notice my mind thinking about something rather meaningless and boring like what I have to do today. If it goes off in a direction of meaning, I let it run wild. Today it went to a presentation I’ve been working on, but in a creative way. I got some great ideas about what to say and how to say it and a different way to organize part of it. Now I can’t wait to make these changes in the presentation, which I know will make it much better. Self-hypnosis sessions are very creative experiences, which is one of many reasons that I engage in them daily. It’s my daily mindfulness practice. They engage my creativity and make me more productive.

It’s fun to add new and different routines to my self-hypnosis practice, and one way I really enjoy doing that is with Oprah & Deepak’s Meditation Experiences. You can get more information about them HERE. Each new one is offered free for a limited time, and the latest new one is free starting today, so you might want to check it out and see if you like it, knowing you can change it up if you’d like to so that you get more out of it. Remember, you don’t have to do a formal meditation to get all of the benefits of deep relaxation and mindfulness practice. You don’t have to try to remember a mantra in another language, and you don’t have to just sit and focus on a mantra. You can let your mind flow and create and get a shot of energy to start or continue on with your day.

If you have any questions about changing up your meditation, hypnosis or other mindfulness routine, leave a comment below or send me a personal message, and I’ll be happy to give you some ideas to maximize your results.



Help Hospice and Get Some Great Stuff

I’m SO excited to announce that I will be donating half of all online product sales from now through March 27, 2015, to these amazing ladies for their annual ride for Hospice! Now’s the time to get some really helpful items for you or someone you love and help out a great cause. Thank you, Chrome Divas!!! Find out more about their annual epic ride HERE.


Art, Nature and Spirituality May Prevent Disease

A walk through the woods. Getting lost in a great painting. Feeling a sense of spiritual connection. Taking time for these activities that produce strong positive emotions have powerful health benefits and may prevent illness.

Yet another new study finds that the mindfulness and sense of awe that we get from art, nature and spirituality are vital for the health of our minds and bodies and should be considered necessities for living healthy lives.

“The UC Berkeley study’s findings join a growing body of research suggesting that positive emotions play an important role in promoting physical health. Studies have linked positive emotions with improved heart health and longevity, and some research has suggested that mindfulness practices — which are known to improve emotional well-being — can reduce inflammation.

“‘Rather than seeing a walk through the park or a trip to the museum as an indulgence, we hope people will view these kind of experiences as important ways to promote a healthy body in addition to a healthy mind,” Stellar said. “Folding these kinds of positive experiences into your daily routine may be more important for health than we previously realized.'”

Read more about it HERE!