Art, Nature and Spirituality May Prevent Disease

A walk through the woods. Getting lost in a great painting. Feeling a sense of spiritual connection. Taking time for these activities that produce strong positive emotions have powerful health benefits and may prevent illness.

Yet another new study finds that the mindfulness and sense of awe that we get from art, nature and spirituality are vital for the health of our minds and bodies and should be considered necessities for living healthy lives.

“The UC Berkeley study’s findings join a growing body of research suggesting that positive emotions play an important role in promoting physical health. Studies have linked positive emotions with improved heart health and longevity, and some research has suggested that mindfulness practices — which are known to improve emotional well-being — can reduce inflammation.

“‘Rather than seeing a walk through the park or a trip to the museum as an indulgence, we hope people will view these kind of experiences as important ways to promote a healthy body in addition to a healthy mind,” Stellar said. “Folding these kinds of positive experiences into your daily routine may be more important for health than we previously realized.'”

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