Ancestral Health Coaching

When clients see me for help with medical issues, they sometimes have guidance from their doctors and they sometimes don’t. Hypnotherapy can make it easier for them to follow their doctors’ advice and incorporate healthier habits into their lives, but often my clients aren’t sure exactly what healthy habits they should adopt. For optimal health, we need to be getting the right nutrients, doing the right kinds of movements at the right times, living socially and mindfully, and more. Doctors may have a few general suggestions about these things to get ready for a medical procedure or help heal a chronic condition, but they typically leave their patients to figure out the right course of action themselves. Wading through all of the possible “healthy” ways of living can be confusing, frustrating and quickly overwhelming.

Though I’m a big proponent of letting people figure things out for themselves, we’re all humans who have evolved the same basic biochemistry. There are general guidelines for nutrition and lifestyle activities that have been shown empirically to help everyone in their journeys toward optimal health and happiness. I feel that I can be more help to my clients by giving them a healthy path to follow, while, as always, teaching them to listen to their bodies and subconscious minds to understand what particulars are best for them. My job is to decrease my clients’ stress, not increase it, and leaving them to figure things out for themselves  can sometimes run counter to this mission. So from now on I’ll be providing more guidance on the nutrition and lifestyle choices that help my clients help their medical professionals help them stay healthy!

Living in accordance with how your body evolved to work best, or ancestral living, is doing your part to be your healthiest self. I’ve been studying this topic for a decade or so now, and in that time there has been fantastic research supporting these principles, so I’ll be adding more blog posts here with advice and recipes to get you moving down the right path. I don’t want anyone floundering in overwhelm when they can spend that energy moving down the road to optimal health. I hope you enjoy the added content here and, if you choose, in your sessions!

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